Eid Money Envelopes

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Welcome to Halal Celebrations’ Eid Money Envelope Collection. Never again will you have to gift friends and family with cheap tatty envelopes. We’ve designed and manufactured a whole new collection of quality modern designed envelopes.

Halal Celebrations was founded in 2015 when, our founder, Aadam Patel noticed a gap in the market for quality Eid Products. Since then he has made it his mission to create modern British inspired greeting cards.

It is also why, we have a team in -house graphic designers and illustrators to produce meaningful products that connect with people. Our printers share our values, to improve the way we consume, produce and work with one another – that is Halal, Ethical, Wholesome and family friendly.

We’ve done our work. Now its your turn, check out our amazing collection of Eid Money Envelopes! Go On!