Welcome to Halal Celebrations, home of an amazing collection of modern British designed Islamic greeting cards. All of our products are made in the UK and are sourced using the best quality card stocks.

We pride ourselves on creating cards that carry meaning, using arabic blessings that appeal to the Muslim market as well as the wider community,who buy into the deeper values of our brand and product.

Halal Celebrations was founded in 2015 when, our founder, Aadam Patel noticed a gap in the market for Islamic Cards. Since then he has made it his mission to create modern British inspired greeting cards.

It is also why, we have a team in -house graphic designers and illustrators to produce meaningful cards that connect with people. Our printers share our values, to improve the way we consume, produce and work with one another – that is Halal, Ethical, Wholesome and family friendly.

We’ve done our work. Now its your turn, check out our amazing collection! Go On!

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